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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting the personal data we hold about you. This policy explains what data we collect about you, how we collect it, the measures we take in our efforts to keep your data secure and the uses and disclosures we make of it.

When you request services from us, operate a vehicle or equipment with in-vehicle or in-equipment technology, access our websites, utilize our mobile “apps” or otherwise interact with us, for example, but without limitation, through our official corporate pages on third party social networks (such as Facebook) or our mobile “apps”, you consent to our collection, retention and use of your personal data in the manner described in this policy.



This policy covers the personal data we collect about you in connection with our vehicle and equipment rental business which identifies you as an individual. It does not apply to data that does not personally identify you as an individual, for example, but without limitation, aggregated anonymous data, IP addresses, computer operating systems, personal preferences, vehicle identification numbers, etc. We are free to use data that does not identify you as an individual as we wish. This policy does not apply to data collected by third party social networks (such as Facebook), mobile device manufacturers, third party “mobile apps”, car manufacturers, wireless service providers, internet service providers or the operators of any networks through which you may interact with us and we expressly disclaim any responsibility for the data collection, privacy or data security practices of those entities. With regard to pages on third party social networks, this policy only applies to personal data we collect through our pages (those with a direct link to this policy) and does not apply to any “unofficial” pages or pages of our affiliates or licensees. 


Who We Are
We are VAST AG, a Swiss company, which provides and supports vehicle and equipment rental services. All references in this policy to “we”, “us” and “our” are meant to Vast AG. Our businesses generally operate under a “VAST” mark. We also operate equipment rental businesses and, to a lesser extent, vehicle and equipment sales, and claims administration businesses.

Legal Issues
We aim to comply with the local privacy laws applicable to the personal data we collect and use in the countries we operate.


We may change this policy from time to time. If we do so, the amended policy will take effect when we post it on the applicable website(s), mobile “apps” or our third-party social network page(s).

If any change makes the policy less protective of your personal data, such change will not apply to data we collected about you before the change was made. The only exception to this is, unless legally prohibited, where we have provided you with notice about the changes and given you the opportunity to tell us not to apply them to your personal data.

What We Collect

We collect the personal data and the non-personal data we need to process your reservation requests and to provide the services you request from us and for our operational uses in connection with such services, which may include:

  • Name, address and contact details, including telephone and mobile number, and email address;

  • Date and place of birth, passport number and driver’s license number; 

  • Your gender and photo;

  • Employer(s) name, address and phone number; 

  • Credit card information;

  • Frequent flyer and other membership reward or loyalty program information;

  • Affiliations with or sponsorships by companies, associations, colleges or cities;

  • Location data such as geographic location of electronic devices used to contact us or to access our mobile “apps” or of the vehicle or equipment you have rented;

  • Information regarding the vehicle or equipment rented and its operation during your rental;

  • Rental charges you incur and other information relating to your transactions; 

  • Information transmitted by your computer’s browser software; 

  • Itinerary information, including airline and/or flight information; and

  • Information about your credit history or other publicly available information about you from consumer reporting agencies.

We may collect certain personal data that constitutes sensitive datain some countries, such as data about membership of a trade union. Depending upon applicable local law, we may be unable to process such sensitive data without your consent.


More about sensitive data

In the EU, at least, your membership of a trade union or similar organizations is regarded as sensitive and we may need to process this information if you use a CDP Number that only members of that union or organization can use.

Please note that if you wish to rent with us or our licensees and need to provide sensitive data, you consent to that data being collected, used, retained and disclosed for our Operational Uses.We will not use sensitive data about you for marketing purposes.



Below we have set out the various purposes for which we process your Personal Data. 

a) Your registration as VAST user, creation of your account.

Legal grounds: this processing is necessary to identify you and to prepare and facilitate your future booking / rental agreements with VAST. 

b) Your booking:

  • to confirm and guarantee your booking; 

  • to modify or cancel your booking;  

  • to exchange with you in relation to your booking (e.g. to provide you with information on your booking, to send you reminder notice before your check-in / check-out, to respond to your questions or suggestions);

  • to manage your invoices if you want to pay in advance, and handle any arrears; 

  • to manage potential claims

 c) If you want to pay in advance, your payment for VAST products / services. 

Legal grounds:this processing is necessary for the performance of the purchase of VAST products / services. For your full information, VAST can only retain your credit card information, subject to your express consent in order to facilitate future payments.

 d) The improvement of VAST products / services on the basis of customer surveys you have completed. 

Legal grounds: this processing, aiming at having a better understanding of VAST users' needs and offering you customized functions to enhance your experience of VAST products / services, is based on VAST "legitimate interest".

e) The operation of VAST live web chat to provide you with preliminary online assistance. 

Legal grounds: this processing, aiming at creating more proximity and establishing a closer relationship with you by notably answering more quickly your queries, is based on VAST "legitimate interest".

f) Promotional and marketing activities, namely:

  1. the sending of email and SMS notifications for special promotions / deals; 

  2. the recording of your rental history to suggest you preferred products / services when looking for new booking / rentals; 

  3. the recording of your rental history: to send you commercial messages,to send you special offers; and/or to make you benefiting from special advantages; depending on the volume, amounts, frequency of your orders, duration of your rentals and your activity on our website (e.g., number of visits);

  4. the sending of emails about a booking you did not complete or send you a summary about a booking enquiry; 

  5. the management of your loyalty program;

  6. the organization of promotional contests / sweepstakes;

  7. the management and update of VAST users / prospects database

  8. the publication of your ratings on VAST products / services. 

Direct marketing processing activities (prospection directe), i.e. any commercial message from VAST aiming at promoting VAST products / services, are subject to your express consent. By exception, if you are already a VAST existing user and that the message concerns products / services similar to those you have already purchased, the underlying processing aiming at promoting these products / services will not be based on your consent but on VAST "legitimate interest".In addition, VAST also uses third-party websites like social networks to display targeted advertising to which you might be exposed when visiting these third-party websites.

Legal grounds: the underlying processing aiming at promoting our products / services is based on VAST "legitimate interest". 

These advertising are displayed by and are under the control of the third party operating the relevant website. Furthermore, VAST will have no direct access to your personal information. You can exercise your data protection rights, including the right to object to such processing, directly with the third party operating the website on which the targeted advertising is displayed. We encourage you to review the third-party websites privacy and cookies policies to further understand the rules applicable to the targeted advertising operations and the adequate processes to exercise your rights.

g) The management of fines, in particular:  

  • to transfer to the police authorities the identity of the driver (or potential driver); 

  • to satisfy fines collection procedure to which VAST may be subject

Legal grounds: this processing is required by law.


h) The management and update of a watch list of customers presenting certain contractual risks based on:   

  1. payment incidents which have given rise to legal proceedings;

  2. vehicle accidents or repeated damages caused by VAST users;

  3. accidents or damages caused voluntarily by VAST users;

  4. use of VAST vehicles in breach of the general terms and conditions for rental of vehicles.  

Legal grounds: this processing, aiming at reducing VAST entities risks exposure in the performance of the rental agreements, is based on VAST "legitimate interest" as head of VAST group / network. Should you appear on VAST watch list, your booking / rental request will be rejected. As the case may be, you will be entitled to contest such decision by contacting VAST or the local VAST entity where you wish to rent.

For your full information, VAST carries out certain processing of your personal information through "cookies" and other tracers collected every time you visit VAST website. 


We collect personal data directly from youin connection with a reservation (even an abandoned or interrupted reservation), a rental of a vehicle or equipment, or your membership in any of our membership programs, including information you provide.

  • When you call our reservation, customer service, emergency road-side assistance, customer contact or member care centers; 

  • On our websites; 

  • On our mobile “apps”;

  • On our official third-party social network pages;

  • Through any Short Message Services;

  • Through your computer’s web browser;

  • Through our in-vehicle or in-equipment technology or through other telematic devices.

We also gather personal data about you from a variety of other sources, which may include:

  • Reservations you make with us through licensees, travel agents or brokers; 

  • Transactions you complete with us and our licensees, including options you take, charges you incur and any incidents or accidents that may occur;

  • CDP Sponsors, sponsors of promotion codes and sponsors of special discount codes;

  • To the extent you have made such information available, from third party social networks;

  • Consumer reporting agencies; and

  • Other companies that have business relationships with us, such as our licensees, affiliates and business partners, including airlines, hotels and insurance companies.

Data Retention

We retain personal data about our customers for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, or unless otherwise allowed or required by you or by law. We collect Personal Data for a number of purposes (see above) and may be required to retain it for legal (including tax, civil or other legal regulations) reasons for a period which is longer than the time we need or use the data for the purpose of providing our rental services to you. We maintain a data retention policy to cover all the Personal Data we retain across our systems. If you have any questions about the retention period applying to the Personal Data we collect about you, please contact us.

The security of the information you provide is very important to us and we try to provide secure transmission of your information.

While we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of any data transmission over the Internet. Once we receive your information, we take steps that we believe are reasonably appropriate to protect it, from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction to ensure the data's integrity. 

If you have a user name and password for any of the features on our websites, you have the responsibility of keeping your password secret. You should not reveal your password to anyone. In addition, you should take reasonable precautions when using a computer or other mobile devisethat is not your own or in a public setting.

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