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Birgistrasse 4a

8304 Wallisellen 

Parking spaces: 41, 42, 43 and 44 

Directions from Zürich Airport with tram or bus 

 At the airport, follow the signs towards trams and buses. 

Purchase a ticket for two zones from the ticket machine. Ticket is refunded by VAST. 

Ticket prices, 2nd class: adults CHF 4.40, children 6-15 years: CHF 3.10, children below 6 years: free 

Take tram number 12, direction Stettbach Bahnhof 


bus number 759, direction Wangen b D’dorf, (Wangen bei Dübendorf) Dorfplatz 


Each of these are leaving approximately every 15 minutes. 

Get off at the stop Wallisellen, Herti. The trip takes 11 minutes by bus and 13 minutes by tram. 

From Wallisellen, Herti (“START”), walk to the VAST location in around 6 minutes: 

Download the description as a PDF here.

Anfahrtsplan Vast Wallisellen.png
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