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  • What differentiates VAST from other car rental companies?
    VAST stands for "convenient travel" - we want you to have as much time as possible to spend for your trip and things you like to do. We are pretty sure, you don't really fancy standing in the queue to simply pick up your rental car. With VAST you don't need to worry about this as there is no counter. VAST is completely app-based which means your car rental expierence is fully digital and for your whole booking and pick up process you only need your smartphone.
  • As there is no staff, who will be able to help me when I need support?"
    Surely, you don't need to worry about this. You will be provided a "help"function which you can use to either read through our help center which offers many answers to almost all your questions or you will have the option to call our 24/7 support number.
  • What can I do, if I have no battery left in my smartphone?"
    As VAST is an app-based car rental, there is a chance that your smartphone has not enough battery left or simply isn't working. In this case, there isn't really any other option than charging your phone or calling our support number. Good thing is, if you're in the need of a power point, there are a couple of them at Zurich Airport.
  • What kind of car can I expect?
    Lots of customers are overwhelmed by the range of vehicle categories of most car rentals. We decided to keep our fleet lean and offer you only a few categories with well equipped and new cars at an attractive rate. All our cars will be replaced after max. 6 months. Thereby, we can ensure you a nice rental car with the newest technology.
  • What can I do, if I should experience a breakdown?"
    In case of a breakdown, stay calm and simply call the breakdown number which can be easily found within your VAST app.
  • Where can I return my rental car?
    At the moment we only operate at Zurich Airport which means you pick up and return the car there.
  • What do I need to do in case of an accident?
    If an accident should happen, fill out the damage protocol. Should you and the other party not agree regarding who caused the accident, call the police with the follwing number (117).
  • What kind of optional extras can I add to my rental?
    Within your app, you will be able to add additional extras such as child seats, insurances etc. Extras must be booked before you start your rental, however, after you have placed your booking it is still possible to adapt your rental by adding extras until 1 hour before the pick up.
  • Can I extend my rental?
    Sure. Within your app you will be able to extend your rental easily.
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